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Home Reared Meat - Euthanasie Goreng

Image of Home Reared Meat - Euthanasie Goreng

12.00 - On Sale

The second record of the ButcherBoys is available NOW!!!

Ten brand new songs + two re-recorded tracks of the first demo Broootal!

EUTHANASIE GORENG includes a special feature with Chicken of ISLAY and THE SPLATTER AND GORE DEPARTMENT!


1. Its Payback Time
2. Hass
3. The Answer Is My Fist
4. Fed The Abomination
5. Eat Me
6. Pain Is Redemption
7. Better Feed With Home Reared Meat
8. Warned You Not To Bowl Tonight
9. Flesh Collection
10. Stupid Little Kid
11. Masturbation Slutfucker
12. Spaghetti Alla Carne Umana